# 6950
The second (posthumus) volume of the classical treatise of G. Zacos on lead seals, compiled and edited by John B. Nesbitt. In English. Berne: Benteli Publ., 1984.
Fasc. A: Text: Prefaces, Catalogue, Bibliography, Indices]. Clothbound, 22.5X29.5 cm, 544 pp., net weight 2410 gr.
Fasc. B: Plates. Clothbound, 22.5X34 cm, 100 plates, 1069 images, net weight 1050 gr.

CONTENTS: Patriarchal seals - Patriarchates of Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem  -  Seals of the Ekdikoi of Hagia Sophia  -  Cross on steps  -  Iconographic seals  -  Iconographic seals with circular invocations, 843 - c. 1070  -  Bilateral seals  -  Invocative cruciform monograms  -  Indices  - Bibliography. 

# S6557
D.M. Metcalf, BYZANTINE CYPRUS (491-1191). Cyprus Research Centre, 2009.
In English. Cloth+jacket, 29 cm, 660 pp., 29 B/W figures and tables; net weight 2300 gr. Though a general book on the byzantine period of Cyprus history, it focuses on the economy of the period and the numismatic evidence, presenting coins and hoards of the era (pages 141-213), as well as many lead seals (pages 69-139 and many images throughout).

D.M. Metcalf, BYZANTINE LEAD SEALS FROM CYPRUS, VOL. 1. Nicosia: Cyprus Research Centre, 2004. In English. Hard cover+jacket, 29 cm, XXIV+600 pp., ill.; net weight 2180 gr. Byzantine lead seals from Cyprus, from the 6th century to the year 1192 A.D. and beyond. Some 1,400 items are placed on record, and over 100 are exposed as contemporary forgeries.

D.M. Metcalf, BYZANTINE LEAD SEALS FROM CYPRUS, VOL. 2. Nicosia: Cyprus Research Centre, 2004. Series Texts and Studies in the History of CyprusLXXIII. In English. Cloth+jacket, 19x29 cm, VIII+396 pp.,ill.; net weight 1550 gr. 

Before and after the Arab invasions of 649 and 653
An anchor-point for chronology
The accession of Tiberius III (end 698)
Cruciform invocative monograms.
The evidence from Carthage
The problem of archives
After the reconquest of 965
The chronology of dignities

•Various seals from 2004-2009
•Imperial lead seals and some palatine and related quasi-imperial lead seals
•Seals with inscription in both greek and latin
•Seals with block monograms
•Seals of officials and dignitaries
•"Eagle" lead seals
•Seals of Isaac Ducas Comnenus
•Seals of the Church
•Iconographic seals with images of the Saints
•Seals with two cruciform monograms
•Seals with invocative monograms
•Anonymous seals of humble use (1167)
•Conical lead seals
•Islamic lead seals
•Modern forgeries
•Additions and corrections to the first volume
• Indices

# 68273
Akylas Mellas, ΣΦΡΑΓΙΔΕΣ ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΕΩΣ ΧΑΛΚΗΔΟΝΟΣ - ΔΕΡΚΩΝ [Seals of the Metropolis of Chalcedon-Derkoi]. Athens: Hidryma Meizonos Hellenismou, 2000. In Greek. Clothbound, 29x22 cm, 453 pp., ill.  

# 4093
[BYZANTINE LEAD SEALS of the Orphanides-Nicolaides Collection at the Athens' Numismatic Museum]. Athens: CHAE, 1996. In Greek with a summary in French. Soft cover, 29 cm, 230 pp., ill: 584 images of seals; net weight 990 gr. Limited edition of 500 copies.

# S9726
Paulus Lambros, ΑΝΕΚΔΟΤΑ ΝΟΜΙΣΜΑΤΑ ΚΑΙ ΜΟΛΥΒΔΟΒΟΥΛΛΑ ΤΩΝ ΚΑΤΑ ΤΟΥΣ ΜΕΣΟΥΣ ΑΙΩΝΑΣ ΔΥΝΑΣΤΩΝ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ [Unpublished Coins and Lead Seals of the Medieval Dynasts of Greece]. Athens, 1972. A reprint of the first edition (1880). In Greek. Soft cover, 21 cm, 88 pp., 4 B/W plates. Presents a total of 57 medieval coins and lead seals of: the Despots of Epirus and Thessaly, the Baroness Helen of Carytaena, the Baron of Veligoste and Damalas (Peloponnese), Martin Zacharias, the Duke of Athens Gouidon B' Delaros, the Contes of Salona (Amfissa), the Triarchos of Euboea William of Villehardouin, the Dukes of Naxos Nicholas I and George I, the rulers of the Old and New Phocaea Andrew and Dominic Kattaneou; also, an unpublished seal of John, the Latin Bishop of Andros island.

# S9761
Olga Karageorgos, Περί αλφαβητισμού, αιρέσεων, εικονογραφίας και πολιτικών
φιλοδοξιών στα μολυβδόβουλλα του Νικηφόρου Βοτανειάτη (περίπου 1001/2-1081)
[About literacy, heresy, iconography and political ambition on the seals of Nicephoros Botaneiates (ca. 1001/2-1081)]
Athens: Byzantina Symmeicta, 2008. In Greek with extensive (6 pages) English summary. Handmade leather binding, 80 pp., ill.: 11 unpublished seals.